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20 Fun Self-Care Things To Do Alone When You’re Bored

20 Fun Self-Care Things To Do Alone When You’re Bored

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Hi Loves:

Precious moments alone can be absolutely brilliant! Sign me up for some me-time, am I right?!

But when you’re dying to do something (and not quite sure on what that something should be) things can get boring real fast!

No one wants to be alone and bored!

So I’ve put together a list of 20 wonderful, fun and self-care focused things to do alone.

Let’s dive in!

Check In With Yourself

A woman hugs herself with her eyes closed and a lovely smile on her face

How are you doing? Everything ok? Do you need anything?⁣

These are all questions we regularly ask to our friends, to our family, to any of the people we care about.⁣

But how often do you check in with yourself?⁣

A self-care check in is a lovely form of being present for yourself. It’s showing up for yourself and making sure that you’re ok.⁣ And when you’re not ok, a self-care check in helps you work out what you might need.⁣

This is a way to say “Hey me, I’m here for you. I care. We’re in this together.” And you absolutely deserve that kind of self-partnership.⁣ Not so sure where to start? I have a whole post about the The Self-Care Check In Questions You Need To Ask.

Write Yourself a Love Letter

A woman sits at her kitchen table and writes in a journal

Ok, ok, this might sound a little weird, but hear me out! Because writing yourself a letter full of kindness a beautiful thing. It always feels so nice when someone you love tells you how awesome they think you are, in person, via text or, heck, on a birthday card. So why not do that for you from you?

Whether it be a couple sentences about accomplishments you’re proud of, or a few pages about how fantastic you are, writing it all down can make you feel pretty darn amazing.

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Take a Moment to Journal

A woman lays in bed, on her stomach, and writes in a journal

Bust out a notebook and journal away. You can write about your day, how you’re feeling, dreams and goals, whatever you’d like! Journaling can even help you cope with difficult emotions, reduce stress, practice positive self-talk and tons more. (source)

Even better, there are SO MANY ways to journal. Bullet Journaling, Calendar Journaling, Creative Journaling, Gratitude Journaling. The options are endless!

Create a Gratitude List

A woman sits with her eyes closed and hands over her heart

Take a moment to write down what you’re grateful for, who you are undeniably blessed to be surrounded by and positive quotes and affirmations that make you exude joy. It may sound a little weird, and it might even be tough to do the first couple of times, but reflecting on the things you feel grateful for is sure to leave a smile on your face! What a wonderful thing to do when you have a moment alone.

Bonus points if you bust out some pencil crayons and do a little doodling in the margins. This isn’t serious business. Have fun with it!

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Relax in the Tub

A photo of someone's feet sticking out of a bath. The water is full of rose petals

Pour a bath and relax in the delightfully hot water. Baths are, in my humble opinion, the perfect way to enjoy some alone time. Turn on some relaxing music, bring a book, add goodies like bath bombs and R E L A X. It’s magnificent!

Even better! A good bath can give your mood a sweet little boost, all while reducing stress, improving sleep, relieving muscle pains and so much more. Am I a little obsessed with baths? Yes! Did a write a whole post about how flipping awesome they are… also YES. You can never go wrong with a good soak in the tub!

Enjoy a Spa Day

A woman uses a pink jade roller on her face. Her eyes are closed and she's smiling.

Treat yourself to an indulgent spa day. Choose a few relaxing self-care activities that make you feel awesome. Soak in the tub with bath oils or salts, dry brush, enjoy a clay mask or coffee scrub… anything you want.

There’s so much goodness to enjoy and you don’t even have to leave your bathroom! How cool is that?!

Declutter Your Space

A woman tapes a box closed in her living room. She's smiling as she works on decluttering

Clutter happens! But it can also trigger stress. If you’re feeling up for it, pick a spot in your home (you definitely don’t need to tackle everything all at once) and start decluttering. Organize your space. And remember to recycle, rehome or donate items that you don’t use or want.

Not quite ready to let go? Storing items you don’t use often is another fantastic way to keep them on hand but out of the way. If you’re able to, create some space in your garage, basement or spare room to store items. Rubbermaid bins work wonders!

Dive Into a New Hobby

Someone works on a painting of flowers on her table. Trying out a new hobby is a great thing to do alone

Is there something you’ve been dying to try? Painting? Crochet? Video editing? Alone time is the perfect time to try something new! Research and get some supplies if needed, and then dive right in!

Do yourself a huge favour too, and kick perfectionism out of the room! The first step to being good at something is to suck at it. To dive in, try, fail, learn and try some more. Even better, you don’t HAVE to be good at everything you do. If you’re having fun, you’re doing great!

Try a New Recipe

A woman stands in her Kitchen, mixing something in a bowl while she references the recipe on her computer. Trying a new recipe is a great thing to do alone

Cooking for yourself can be a beautiful act of kindness. There’s so much love that can go into cooking! Think of how excited you’d be is someone handed you a box of homemade cookies right now? Magic, right?

Create some of that magic for yourself by making something special. Just for you! Pick out a recipe you feel super excited about. (I’ve been eyeing these Spiced Pumpkin Scones from Em at New Moon Holistic, and this Sheet Pan Lemon & Rosemary Tofu with Potatoes by Francesca at Plantifully Based.) Get cooking, have fun and savour the desserts (quite literally) of your labour!

Order Take Out

A takeout container and some vegetables sit on a blue table

Not feeling up for cooking? Try something delicious from a local restaurant. Bonus points if you pick out a fun movie, light some candles and enjoy. Dinner and a movie baby! #SelfDate

Listen to Music

A woman listens to music on her headphones while she looks off into the distance and smiles

Music can soothe, destress, boosts energy, make you feel awesome… it’s pretty darn powerful! (source 1source 2)

Put on some of your favourite music and enjoy! Whether you want something more chill, to relax to, or the perfect tune for a booty shake session, music has your back.

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Read a Book

A woman reads a book and looks surprised, pointing at the page

Get lost in an amazing book! A good story is the perfect opportunity for adventure. Not only that, but reading helps you reduce stress and boost empathy. It’s good for the brain and the soul. And you can take your book anywhere – a cozy bed, comfy couch, hot bath or cool deck. I’m a sucker for an amazing book! What about you?

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Play a Video Game

A woman holds a PS4 controller and plays a game. She's smiling and clearly having a blast!

Diving into an epic video game is a super fun thing to do when you’re all alone. Whether you’re feeling a uncomplicated cozy game like Animal Crossing New Horizons, an epic RPG action adventure like Dragon Age Inquisition or something completely different, there are tons of options.

Even better, video games can help with memory and cognitive function. Here’s to having fun and boosting brain power baby! (source)

Turn on a Comfort Show

A woman sits on her couch with her dog, watching TV

Love Friends? Obsessed with Schitt’s Creek? Can’t get enough Gilmore Girls? There’s a reason for that! Your comfort shows are extra special. And not just for the nostalgia they offer! Comfort shows offer a sense of security. They boost your energy and mood. And give you a wonderful sense of connection (even when you’re alone!) They pair perfectly with alone time, wouldn’t you agree?

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Go For a Long Walk

A woman enjoys a walk outside while the sun sets

Get outside, breathe in that beautiful fresh air and enjoy a lovely walk. Walking alone is a fun way to get moving, boost your mood and even get those creative juices flowing.

When you’re walking try allowing your thoughts to simply flow, without hesitation or judgement. Let your imagination run free! This helps you become more creative and expressive (seriously, science says so!) And that’s where all the best ideas come from.

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Enjoy a Bike Ride

A woman enjoys a bike ride on a wooded path

Not feeling a walk? Hop on your bike and zoom around the neighbourhood. Or visit a local park and explore the trails. Add to the fun by packing a picnic in a backpack. The perfect solo date.

Sit Outside

A woman sits outside on the bench and smiles

Find a comfy spot outside and simply rest. Enjoy the fresh air. Take some slow deep breaths. Relish in your surrounds. And take in the sounds of nature, like the sweet birds chirping and the crispy autumn leaves rustling in the wind. Time outdoors is an instant mood lifter, and can even lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Plus, it feels dang good, right? (source)

You can even enjoy a sunrise or sunset, watch the clouds or stargaze. There are so many simply yet awesome ways to revile in nature.

Give Yourself a Moment to Meditate

A women sits on a yoga mat and meditates

Get comfy, close those gorgeous eyes and take some deep, relaxing breaths in and out. All while either focusing on your breathing or a specific thought or mantra. (You can learn more about mindfulness meditation right here)

While you meditate you’re also helping to reduce stress, boost focus and improve compassion and empathy. Love all of this!

Try Joyful Movement

A woman listens to music on her headphones and dances

Get moving lovely! And have an absolute blast with it. Choose something that you enjoy, like yoga, strength training or just shaking that booty to your favourite jams (music is magic, right?) Whatever gets you moving and makes you happy. Joyful movement can do so much for your physical and mental well-being. And it’s a damn blast.

Simply Rest

A woman relaxes on the couch, with her hands behind her head and her eyes closed

In a world that constantly tells you to hustle, rest is a beautiful rejection of the status quo. I know it can feel wrong to enjoy non-productive periods. But last I checked you weren’t born with a battery pack.

It’s ok to stop. To do nothing. To relax and rest. There will always be a million things to do. But if you burn out you definitely won’t be checking much off of your to-do list. Take a moment to simply rest and reconnect with your amazing self.

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Final Thoughts

A letterboard sign sits on a beige tablecloth. It says "Relax, Refresh, Recharge" lovely things to do alone

Ready, set, go! Here’s to a fantastic time with marvelous you and the best dang you-time ever! Pick an activity or two or three that feel right and have a wonderful time.

What would you add to the list? Share your favourite things you like to do when you’re alone with me in the comments. 

Health and love,

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  1. Reply

    Kelly Bolen

    November 4, 2021

    Great advice! I never seem to do enough self care! I will certainly do some of the suggestions you gave!

  2. Reply


    November 5, 2021

    Self care is very important. It is a non-negotiable thing to me. Thanks for these ideas!

  3. Reply


    November 5, 2021

    Self care is underrated. We need to take care and focus more on ourselves. I love reading books, visiting cafes and journaling

  4. Reply

    Beth Pierce

    November 5, 2021

    These are all great ideas. Listening to music is on top of my list. I love music heals and how it calms me.

  5. Reply

    Talya Stone

    November 5, 2021

    Some great self care activities here. I really love the idea of writing a love letter to myself. I’ve never tried that before so will probably try that one evening thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Reply


    November 5, 2021

    So many great ideas! Playing video games would be top of the list for me, personally.

  7. Reply

    Dr. Elise Ho

    November 5, 2021

    Lovely ideas for time spent alone. The most important thing is that we practice some sort of self care everyday.

  8. Reply

    Thena Franssen

    November 6, 2021

    Great post. I love spending time alone but sometimes I want something unique and fun for myself to do.

  9. Reply


    November 6, 2021

    These are great self-care tips. I definitely needed they reminder to check in with myself.

  10. Reply


    November 8, 2021

    These are some great self care tips. Thanks for sharing.

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