How I’ve Fostered Healthy Changes (And How You Can Do It Too)

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Hello Lovelies:

I was diagnosed with Graves Disease almost four years ago, and the changes it fostered in my world have been both sorrowful and incredible. One of the most amazing and joyful, healthy changes have revolved around food! My food philosophies have evolved so completely that Sara circa 2012 would scoff at me (whilst scarfing down Tim Tams and guzzling root beer).

But how exactly did I make such healthy changes (and how can you do it too?)

How I've Fostered Healthy Changes (And How You Can Do It Too). We can put thought into what we eat and enjoy amazing flavour. But our mindset matters.

Not too long ago, I ate tons of foods like this:

How I've Fostered Healthy Changes (And How You Can Do It Too) - I used to eat tons of fast food with no regard for my health, but meals like this are no longer a part of my diet.

Fast food burgers and fries were a beloved treat, and I never considered how eating like this might affect my health.

But I’ve since embraced a completely different way of eating.

I used to be too lazy to explore the world of cooking. I was under the control of my taste buds and completely devoted to satisfying my sweet tooth. That translated to a lot of microwave dinners, ready-made meals, fast food and junky desserts.

But Graves Disease has taught me to eat with devotion and self-love. I’ve realized that we can put thought into what we eat while still enjoying amazing flavour. The best of both worlds is possible! And why shouldn’t we want both healthy and delicious? Why shouldn’t we strive for it, demand it, work towards it?

There’s this idea that healthy is synonymous with gross.

I used to think that better eating habits would mean a lifetime of flavourlessness. But I can promise you that it’s been anything but!

I am still a sweet tooth aficionado! If anything, the last few years have been all about the discovery of a plethora of flavours I didn’t even know existed, and the joyful unveiling of healthy versions of old favourites. I’ve dedicated myself to finding new and unique ways to satisfy my love affair with food while supporting my health.

This journey has taught me something: delicious and healthy is the whole experience, anything less is lacking; we deserve the whole experience.

Learning to eat with thought and devotion has done nothing but provide. It’s provided me with better health, a new hobby that I love, the adventure of discovery, beautiful skin and hair and a lot more energy.

If you’re stuck in the same mindset I used to live in you owe it to yourself to explore.

Don’t live in deprivation, or any healthy changes you make will be short lived. We live in such an amazing time where we can enjoy foods from all over the world! Discover the divine flavour of cacao, a favoured treat of the Aztecs, Lucuma nature’s Caramel, a beloved delight in Peru, Korea’s delicious and microbiome friendly Kimchi… the world of food is at your fingertips and you have more healthy, savoury options than you may be aware of.

One of the best pieces of advice that I can give someone hoping to make healthy changes, be it a radical 180 like me or small baby steps in a new direction, is to be open to exploration.

Explore new foods and be open to new recipes. You never know what you’ll discover! And if you have a mindset that is open and ready to embrace new flavours and ideas, you’re already on the road to success.

And remember, healthy changes are all about what you gain!

If you’re restrictive and focus only on what you’re losing, you’re going to go insane (and this will not last).

A lifestyle of deprivation is never long lasting; you will fall right back into the old habits you are trying to change. There will certainly be some trial and error, but if I can discover a healthy way of creating homemade chocolate and blueberry milkshakes, anything is possible!

Build a foundation of delicious, healthy, soul supporting, health producing goodness and you’ll be on your way towards amazing things.

Here’s to new discoveries and health positive changes!

Health and love,


Thought of the day: Change should be built on a joyful, fulfilling foundation.

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