Frosted Cinnamon Maple Donut Recipe

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Hello Lovelies:

Exciting news! I bought a donut pan! Seriously… if you don’t have one, I highly encourage you to go get one. Go pick one up right now if you can. I’ll wait…

I have no idea what I’ve been waiting for. It turns out that donuts are pretty easy to throw together. It took me a couple of tries, but I came up with a donut recipe I may be a little obsessed with (healthy donuts 3 times this week isn’t a bad thing, right?) Super bonus? They cook in 10 minutes! Say what?! This is seriously an exciting development in the Health-Esteemie House. I can’t wait until you try them.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this Cinnamon Maple Donut Recipe. These healthy babies are gluten free, vegan or vegetarian and refined sugar free.

Donuts have a special place in my memories. Back when I was a little bean, I used to play basketball. And after my games my dad would often take me to Tim Hortons and treat me to a donut. We’d sit together at a little table, he’d sip his coffee, I’d pick at my donut, and we’d chat. It’s been ages since I’ve had one and I am very excited to make these for him next time I’m home.

You deserve access to quick and easy donuts too. And I adore that these yummy treats are good for you. Full of health supporting buckwheat, a grain that’s good for the cardiovascular system, may help to control blood sugar levels and aids in preventing gall bladder stones; you don’t need to feel guilty about enjoying a couple of these babies.

So let’s satisfy our sweet tooth and drive right in to this yummy recipe.

Cinnamon Maple Donut Recipe

This recipe can be vegan or vegetarian and is gluten free and refine sugar free. Makes 6 Donuts.

You will need a donut pan, like this one.

Maple Cinnamon Donut Recipe


3/4 Cup Buckwheat Flour

2/3 Cup Coconut Milk Yogurt

1/4 Cup Maple Syrup

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

1/4 Cup Non-Dairy Milk

2 Tsp Cinnamon

3 Tbsp Aquafaba or 1 Egg


Pre-heat your oven to 350.

In a small bowl combine your ingredients and whisk until you have a cake batter consistency.

Should you choose to use an egg is this recipe, please support ethical farming practices by buying from local farmers who raise happy, healthy chickens.

If you want to keep it vegan, you can use 3 tablespoons of Aquafaba (the liquid from a can of chickpeas).

Once your mix is ready to rock and roll, grease your donut pan with coconut oil, poor the batter into each of the six donut molds and pop in the oven. Cooks in 10 to 15 minutes.

Not sure what to do with the chickpeas? Treat yourself to some Cheesy Chickpeas or Steamed Beetroot Hummus. Need options for the leftover Aquafaba? Try these Blueberry Banana Buckwheat Pancakes or this Pumpkin Apple Crumble with Caramel Sauce.

Maple Frosting

Frosted Maple Cinnamon Donut Recipe


5 Tbsp Coconut Oil

3 Tbsp Maple Syrup


Mix in a small bowl.

Allow the donuts to cool before frosting (of the oil will melt immediately).

Once the donuts room temp, frost away. If you’d like more of a glaze, pop the donuts in the freezer for 5 minutes to allow the frosting to harden.

Frosted Maple Cinnamon Donut Recipe

Now it’s your turn! Have you made donuts before? Will you be buying yourself a donut pan? Are you loving these donuts? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Health and love,


Thought of the day: I will make an effort not to postpone the things that bring me joy. 

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