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10 Best Instagram Accounts You Absolutely Need To Follow

10 Best Instagram Accounts You Absolutely Need To Follow

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Hey Sweet Friend:

I think we can agree that self-love and acceptance go a heck of a long way as you work to continue to take care, grow and evolve, right?

And so does a pinch of inspiration!

Since we spend so much time scrolling on Instagram (be honest, you do it too) that seems like a great place to up the inspirational ante.

So I gathered 10 awesome accounts you absolutely need to add to you follow list.

Get ready to cleanse your Instagram and load up on motivational goodness. You deserve it!

The Best Instagram Accounts

A close up of someone's hand holding a phone, browsing an Instagram account

I definitely can’t make space for all the amazing Instas out there. because there are SO, SO MANY! In fact, this isn’t the first time I’ve down this (I shared 15 Inspiring Instagram Accounts right here).

So today I picked 10. But they are so incredible, I’m confident you’ll adore them all. And, in Ms. Health-Esteem fashion, I focused on well-being. From self-care, to mental well-being, fitness, to food and more. Because wellness is complex, and you deserve inspiring peeps reminding you to take care and love yourself fiercely.

Ready to boost your Instagram feed? Let’s go!

Self-Care Accounts

Two smiling women posing with an empty photo frame against half yellow half orange coloured wall.

Sara Flanagan | Ms. Health-Esteem

Clearly you like what I’m putting down. I mean, here you are hanging out with me! So why not get even more goodness and hang out with me on Insta @mshealthesteem? It’s like the Ms. Health-Esteem After Party! We’ve got self-care inspo, self-love pep talks, hilarious (if I do say so myself) reels, recipes and tons more. I think I rock and I’m pretty confident we’ll have tons of fun!

Dominee | Blessing Manifesting

Awesome colourful images, tons of self-care ideas and mental health talk. Check, check annnnd check! Dominee’s amazing page @blessingmanifesting features beautiful art and a plethora of ideas and inspiration to help you take fantastic care of magnificent you.

Mental Health Accounts

A woman typing a text message on her mobile phone outdoors at the street.

Mona Fakhry | Mindfully Mona

Ready to talk all things mental health and mindfulness? You’ve got to check out @mindfully_mona. Mona is a self-described curly, cranky and curious human and psychotherapist in training. She’s here to uplift and inform, exploring important topics like anxiety, boundaries, generational healing, self-talk, social justice and so much more. And she rocks it with every post! Did I mention I love her so much?!

Dani DiPirro | Positively Present

Need some validation, positivity, inspiring quotes and self-care ideas? Totally same! Which is why @positivelypresent is a must follow. Featuring Dani’s beautiful, original artwork, every post will make your day feel a little brighter. And I think we can both agree that you deserve tons more of that in your life!

Fitness Accounts

A women blogger taking a selfie on smartphone while drinking a coffee

Meg Boggs

Meg is an incredible athlete. And I absolutely adore that she focuses on fitness for everybody, at every size. If you are looking for a fun, inclusive space and fitness inspiration with a focus on self-acceptance, Meg is the girl for you. Follow her lovely Instagram account right here: @meg.boggs

Roxanne Gan

Have you ever watched someone do a yoga sequences and wondered how the heck you work up to that level of magnificence? Roxanne has your back! She share’s beginner friendly sequences and helps you work your way up to becoming a Yoga Queen. And she has tons of tips to help you stretch, relieve tension and strengthen your body. Go give her some love @roxannegan_

Self-Acceptance Accounts

A woman in pajamas is lying on her front in her bed, reading something on her smartphone with a big smile.

Samara Terese

Samara wants you to love and accept that gorgeous body! If you’re on the search for a space that reminds you that bellies are always cute, workouts should be fun and size has no say in your worth, Samara’s your girl. I’m especially fond of her upbeat, uplifting reels. Hop on to Instagram and find her account right here @samaraterese

Rini Fey | Own It Babe

Want to know what Rini’s all about? It’s right there in her awesome Instagram’s name, Own It Babe! Rini talks self-love, motherhood, mental health and body acceptance. And she wants you to know that you are awesome as you are and you can own it all. Zoom over to her inspiring fantastic space right here @ownitbabe

Food Accounts

A woman taking picture of her lunch to share on her Instagram

Francesca Bonadonna | Plantifully Based

Delicious vegan recipes from one of the sweetest people you could meet! Francesca can veganize anything, from big macs to tiramisu, pizza to popcorn chick’n and so, so, sooooo much more. Vegan or not, if you’re a foodie you are going to wish you could reach through your phone and grab a bite of every meal she shares. Go give her a follow @plantifullybased

Kelli Magrath | Nutrition Not Restriction

Good food, good mood! Who could ask for more?! Kelli is so vibrant and kind and shares content focused on food, gratitude and movement. Bonus points if you’re looking for meal prep inspiration. Because Kelli is the meal prep queen (in fact, she wrote an awesome guest post all about it right here). I know you’ll adore her. Find her insta @nutrition.not.restriction

How’s That for a Social Media Boost?

A bloggers work desk with fresh bouquet of flowers and macaron cakes on white table background, feminine home office workspce with coffee and smartphone showing @mshealthesteem's Instagram

Fill your feed with Instagram accounts that make you feel awesome. Because you deserve the best! And who has time for content that makes them feel like junk anyway?! #NoThanks

I’d love to hear from you, gorgeous. Tell me which accounts you’re excited to follow on Instagram. Any inspiring content creators you’d add to the list? Share them with me below so we can boost their Instagram feed too. There’s no such thing as too much inspiration. 

Health and love,


Thought of the day: Uplift your social media! This is your space. Do not hesitate to mute or unfollow accounts that bring you down. And follow the ones that uplift you, educate you and help you as you learn, grow and glow.


Ms. Health-Esteem wouldn’t be possible without you! I’m so grateful that you make it possible for me to share free weekly self-love, wellness and healthy lifestyle inspiration. Thank you!

If “10 Best Instagram Accounts You Absolutely Need To Follow” was your first Ms. Health-Esteem article, thank you tons for reading it and welcome to the Health-Esteem family <3.

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Sara | Ms. Health-Esteem

Sara Flanagan is a wellness writer and the creator of, where she shares her story of being diagnosed with Graves Disease, a chronic autoimmune disease, and empowering herself to do everything she can to thrive in spite of her diagnosis. She writes articles on self-love, acceptance, wellness and nutrition. Join the Health-Esteem Family today and share in the journey.


  1. Reply

    Dr. Elise Ho

    August 2, 2021

    I definitely do scroll on insta. I love to follow accounts that are uplifting but also ones that push me a bit out of my comfort zone.

  2. Reply

    Ivan Jose

    August 3, 2021

    These Instagram accounts are worth checking. I love social media influencers who spread positivity.

  3. Reply


    August 3, 2021

    So many IG accounts that I haven’t heard of and I will definitely check out!

  4. Reply


    August 3, 2021

    It’s nice to have a positive and healthy social media feed! These accounts look awesome!

  5. Reply

    Ntensibe Edgar

    August 3, 2021

    Hihi….of course, you are one of my favourite Insta accounts to follow! Keep it up!

  6. Reply

    Leanne Wong

    August 3, 2021

    I need to follow all of these! Accounts like this are such a great resource to give ideas on how to take better care of ourselves.

  7. Reply


    August 3, 2021

    Ooh. I’m going to follow all of these accounts! They all sound so amazing.

  8. Reply

    Elizabeth O

    August 3, 2021

    I’m going to follow every one of your suggested accounts. I’ve always found accounts like this to be so valuable in helping to lift the spirit.

  9. Reply


    August 3, 2021

    I need all of these in my feed and in my life! I love following accounts like this that help me stay positive and feed my soul.

  10. Reply

    A Nation of Moms

    August 3, 2021

    I think instagram is my favorite platform. It is nice to have some accounts to follow.

  11. Reply

    Chikumo Fiseko

    August 4, 2021

    I would love to connect with them! Looks like a very nice and cool accounts to check out. I need to have a look of their accounts. Thank you for suggesting them!

  12. Reply

    emman damian

    August 4, 2021

    Great list of IG accounts! I hope I can check all of it. Will try to follow them all!

  13. Reply

    Angela Ricardo Bethea

    August 4, 2021

    Those are some great tips to keep in mind and definitely need some help in my Instagram.

  14. Reply


    August 4, 2021

    Definitely need more self care and maybe motivational Instagram account to follow for me to look at. Thanks for this informative post.

  15. Reply


    August 5, 2021

    I’ve definitly found a few more people to follow in here! I’m sure they’re all very motivational. Those are the sort of people I like to see on my timeline.

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