Gratitude Journaling Will Change Your Life

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What if I told you that one simple habit could foster incredible changes? That it could positively alter you outlook, your mood and your overall happiness with one tiny addition to your daily routine? What if this little activity could also improve your health and help you to achieve a more restful night sleep? Would you be in? Find out how Gratitude Journaling can do just that!


I’m assuming you’re saying something along the lines of “uhm… heck yes!” And I have marvelous news. There is a magnificent, life altering activity that you can tap into; one that only takes a few minutes per day and will eventually leave you feeling so giddy and blessed that you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this your entire life.

Get ready for goodness, health-esteemies. Get your pens out, open your hearts and fall in love with Gratitude Journaling.

What is Gratitude Journaling? And how do you do it?

Gratitude journaling is about more than just creating a little list of the wonderful things in your life. It’s about retraining your mindset and learning to marvel in awe at the goodness that surrounds you. Practice makes perfect; you will find that after a while you’ll be able to carry the essence of gratitude with you throughout the day.

You will certainly continue to experience an array of emotions. Life happens and feelings like sadness and frustration are normal and healthy to express. Gratitude journaling is not about denying your negative emotions. It’s about making gratitude your default setting.

Create a foundation built on gratitude. Make it stick by writing down what you are grateful for, who you are undeniably blessed to be surrounded by and positive affirmations that make you exude joy. It may be difficult at first, but you will find that your list will grow every time you sit down to create one.


How does a Gratitude Journal benefit my health?

It may be difficult to imagine that 10 to 15 minutes of daily gratitude journaling could alter your health, but studies show this daily activity is pretty freaking good for you. This practice can reduce worry and lead to longer, more restful sleeps (source).

This powerful ritual has been shown to benefit everyone, including individuals facing chronic illnesses. One study found that gratitude journaling provided individuals with neuromuscular disease with better sleep and overall wellbeing (source).

The goodness you foster will spread outward to those around you; when you are in a grateful, joyful space you spread that energy to friends and family.

Combine this with increased feelings of happiness and satisfaction and potentially fewer visits to the doctor (source). Gratitude Journaling is a divine opportunity to significantly and positively alter your beautiful life.

The first step is always the hardest. Need help getting started?

It can be strange to start practicing gratitude. You may be wondering where and how to start… This is why I recommend this gorgeous Gratitude Journal:

Gratitude Journal: 100 Days of Gratitude Will Change Your Life by the brilliant Natalie Fox is a must have tool to get you started on your Gratitude journey.

Consider this book a guide walking you through your daily Gratitude Practice. The journal provides you with a space for daily declarations of gratitude, positive affirmations and love. And it leaves tons of room to get creative, so you may want to dust off your pencil crayons if you’re so inclined. As if that weren’t enough goodness packed in one marvelous book, you will also find motivational quotes and extra joy inducing activities throughout.


This is one habit you won’t want to quit after 100 days.

I’ve been Gratitude Journaling for years, but I’m so excited to be spice things up and journey through this marvelous book. I can’t wait to see how much brighter the world is 100 days from now. And I’d love if you’d join me.

Want to get your hands on a copy?

You can get it here on Amazon Canada and here on

Have you tried Gratitude Journaling before? Tell me how this daily practice has affected you in the comments below. Just starting out? Let me know what you think; I’d love to hear how this wonderful, daily practice of self-love brightens your world.

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Thought of the day: I greet the world with a grateful heart, reveling in the wonders that surround me. 

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