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The Importance of Self Love - Ms. Health-Esteem - Healthy Living and Self-Care Tips

The Importance of Self Love

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Hello Lovelies:

There are many building blocks to good health. A great nutritional foundation is certainly one of them, but it doesn’t end there. You are what you eat and drink, but you are also what you think. Our thoughts have the ability to build us up or knock us down. They also have the ability to support or hinder our health. It is so important that you are mindful of the way you think, especially when it comes to what you think about yourself.

Self love is one of the healthiest things you can do for your beautiful body. But it’s not always the easiest. Let’s talk about it:

The Importance of Self Love - Why Self Love plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle

We are constantly surrounded by messages telling us that we aren’t good enough.

We aren’t curvy enough, skinny enough, strong enough, tall enough… Many of us are concerned or insecure about certain areas of our body, going to great lengths to hide or change those areas. We often define ourselves by a number on a scale or the clothing size we fit into. Unfortunately, when you develop an “I’m not good enough” mindset, you get stuck.

Regardless of your health goals, make them from a place of self love.

Do not deny yourself love and acceptance until you meet certain standards. If you decide you will not be happy until you hit a certain number on the scale you will likely continue to be unhappy with yourself even if you do attain those goals. By making these types of proclamations, we actively decide to put off our own happiness until we fit into these ideals. Unfortunately no one is perfect and there is always something impossible to strive for, creating a cycle of unhappiness.

Make a choice to work on loving and accepting yourself today, as you are. One you have made the commitment to love and accept yourself fully, any choices for change can be made from a positive, self-loving place.

There is so much about you that is beautiful, unique and worthy of love.

Your body is beautiful. Regardless of how much you weigh, or what clothing size you’re wearing, your body is an incredible extension of yourself. Your body is on your side. It works vigorously every day to keep you alive. It is an intricate and amazing array of systems working tirelessly around the clock to give you this beautiful life. Your body is dependent on you for its own well being and your mindset affects your beautiful body more than you know. It’s time that we let go of our hateful body talk and move towards self love.

Much like the time and effort it takes to master a crazy yoga pose, self love and complete self-acceptance takes some time and practice. Be mindful of negative thoughts and hateful body talk. Replace those thoughts and words with positive, health-esteem promoting statements like “I accept you as you are today” or “you are incredible and worthy of love”.

Don’t be hard on yourself; if you have set health promoting goals and hit a road block, be patient and understanding. Learn from these scenarios and move forward. Anger and self-hate only create stress and pain and in no way help you move forward in a health positive way.

Create a self love routine

You deserve to spoil yourself every day. My routine includes gratitude journaling, dry body brushing, detox baths, homemade juice and smoothies, raw desserts, oil pulling and more. Discover what makes your inner self happy and make time for those delights whenever possible.

It’s time that we forgo negative self-images and replace them with an unbreakable sense of self love.

Do things in a health positive way and focus on foods that make you feel good, exercise that makes you thrive, and thoughts that are born out of positivity and happiness. Look at yourself in the mirror today and tell yourself that you are beautiful, you are good enough and you accept yourself as you are. No one is perfect, but it is our beautiful flaws that make us who we are. Let’s fall in love with our incredible selves and be grateful for our amazing bodies. Where would we be without them?

Health and love,


Thought of the day: I am beautiful and deserving of an unending supply of self love.

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Ms. Health-Esteem

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