Health-Esteem Queen Francesca Plantifully Based – Vegan Diet and Lifestyle

Hello Lovelies:

Health-Esteem Queen Francesca, the creative mind behind Plantifully Based, is an absolute delight! This girl proves that you can health up literally anything. Her mouth watering, vegan recipes are a must try for all. And her honest, down to earth and delightfully kind personality is impossible not to love. Her inspiring Instagram and YouTube Channel are an alluring and inspiring mix of delicious recipes; there’s something for everyone. And she adds her golden touch, sharing her outlook and motivations with each new creation.

I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to introduce the gorgeous Health-Esteem Queen Francesca and share the magic of her amazing creation, Plantifully Based.

An interview with the inspiring, creative vegan foodie - Francesca of Plantifully Based. Read her story and get her delicious Vegan Red Lentil Chili recipe.

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