Coconut Oil Pulling with Oil of Oregano

Hello Lovelies:

A lot of lovely things come naturally to me: I can easily create delicious, healthy recipes, I’m fairly skilled in guitar and music in general, I have a knack for numbers… but one unfortunate thing that always came easily is plaque and cavities. My entire life I’ve dreaded each visit to the dentist, knowing there was likely something unpleasant to discuss. I have TMJ dysfunction (that’s thankfully under control), I wore braces for 6 years and I’ve received more x-rays, needles and time in the dentist’s chair than I’m happy to recount. When I discovered that many autoimmune disease have a negative effect on dental health I knew I had to spice up my dental health care game in order to avoid any unpleasantry. I take my dental hygiene very seriously! Which is why I was stoked to discover coconut oil pulling.

Coconut Oil Pulling with added Oil of Oregano

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