Essential Oil Uses for Emotional Balance

doTERRA Essential Oils Uses for Emotional Balance

Hello lovelies:

I have a treat for you! Today I’m calling on my favourite Essential Oils Educator, fellow Graves Warrior, and Health-Esteem sister Misty Totzke to share her experiences and wisdom regarding essential oil uses for emotional balance. Negative emotions can be good for you (learn more here) and it is incredibly important that we sit with our emotions, listen to what they are telling us and move forward… but while heavy emotional states are great learning opportunities, we cannot live there. And essential oils are one tool that we can tap into when we’re ready to move forward.

Without further ado, I’ll let lovely Misty take the wheel and share her goodness! Let’s learn all about essential oil uses and how they can help with our emotional balance. Thanks Misty!

doTERRA Essential Oils Uses for Emotional Balance

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