ChronicAlly – The Must Have Subscription Box

ChronicAlly - The Must Have Monthly Health and Beauty Subscription Box - A Monthly treat full of self care, self love and health and beauty products. It also supports those with chronic illnessnes and donates to important medical causes! All win!

Hello Lovelies:

Last week I received a marvelous treat – The ChronicAlly Box, a must have subscription box for spoonies and health and beauty buffs alike. It felt like a little Christmas just for me. I was delighted, surprised and spoiled! So excited in fact that I really want you to have the opportunity to experience that goodness too.

The ChronicAlly box is the first ever monthly subscription box dedicated to spoonies (chronic illness warriors). It’s a health and beauty pick me up full of spoons, created by a chronic illness warrior, for chronic illness warriors.

It’s also the gift that keeps on giving because a portion of all sales are donated to chronic illness causes (proceeds from last month supported the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Dysautonomia International). I love that this monthly subscription box is a bringer of joy. It brings joy to your door while also providing joy to those who rely on the organizations that receive ChronicAlly’s support.

But what if you don’t have a chronic illness? Is this box still something you can enjoy? Heck yes! Because non-spoonies need spoons too.

Here’s what you can expect if you treat yourself to a ChronicAlly Box:

ChronicAlly - The Must Have Monthly Health and Beauty Subscription Box - A Monthly treat full of self care, self love and health and beauty products. It also supports those with chronic illnessnes and donates to important medical causes! All win!

If you’re not a spoonie the spoon theory may be new to you.

In a nut shell, it’s a metaphor for living with a chronic illness. Every action has a cost and can be a drain on your energy. Spoons are your metaphorical currency; you must use your spoons carefully and be sure to conserve what you can because you don’t want to burn out.

Spoonies may experience days with a plethora of spoons – great days where energy seems to be in excess. But, more often than not, a chronic illness is a huge damper on your spoon horde, leaving you drained far more easily than most. Because of this, spoonies need to plan well and use their spoons wisely. Our batteries drain far more quickly than they used to.

But we all need pick me ups, chronic illness or not. Which is why ChronicAlly is the Health and Beauty Box for everyone.

We all experience times when we require extra spoons, which is why we all need to make certain that we take the time to treat ourselves and pick ourselves up. The ChronicAlly box is here to add to your self-love routine and provide you with joy and support every month. Isn’t that awesome?!

While the marvelous goal of this lovely box is to support those with chronic illnesses (which it achieves with every single sale) and bring much needed spoons to their doors, I know that everyone can enjoy this awesome monthly box of goodness.

If you love health and beauty products you will adore this! And If you’re excited by the idea of a monthly box full of marvelous surprises picked out to bring joy and relaxation to your door, ChronicAlly is the monthly subscription box for you.

Treat yourself to the full sized ChronicAlly box and enjoy 4-6 full sized products

Or you can get your hands on the ChronicAlly Treat box, which contains around 3 full sized products (amounts may vary depending on the value of each item).

Either way, I know that you are going to feel excited and spoiled by every box.

Sounds great eh? But what’s really in it for you?

You may be wondering – What’s in the box?

Here’s a peak at the gifts that ChronicAlly brought to my door:

ChronicAlly Box - The Monthly Must Have Subscription Box - being-refina-terra-complexion-clay

BEING, Refina Terra Complexion Clay

This Health and Beauty spoon is marvelous for a self-loving spa day. It’s a lovely mix of French Yellow Clay and Bentonite Clay, which gently cleanse and exfoliate your beautiful skin. Relax and enjoy the added chamomile, known to soothe irritated skin and leave you feeling happy and relaxed. It’s such an aromatic adventure, which adds so much to this self-care experience.

ChronicAlly Box - The Monthly Must Have Subscription Box - lucky-feather-keep-going-necklace

Lucky Feather, Keep Going Necklace

This beautiful necklace is a total pick me up! I love the incredible reminder that the message provides. If you’re part of my weekly newsletter, you know how touched I was by this lovely piece of jewelry (and if you aren’t, you can join the tribe by entering you’re information in the subscription box up top).

This necklace is a reminder to pause and reflect on how far you’ve come and project those feelings of gratitude and pride as you keep going. Wear it as a reminder of where you’ve come from and what you have to look forward to.

ChronicAlly Box - The Monthly Must Have Subscription Box-grampas soap co face and body charcoal soap

Grampa’s Soap Co., Face and Body Charcoal Soap

Relax in the bath and cleanse your sexy skin with this steam-activated charcoal soap. The vitamin-rich organic hemp oil is mega moisturizing and the mint oils are invigorating. A fantastic addition to your relaxation routine.

Pumpkin Spice Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a always a good idea. And this adds extra pizzazz with a surprise waiting inside.

Maddyloo Hair Ties and Bracelets

These adorable ribbon hair ties won’t leave a crease in your hair or on your wrist. I don’t know about you, but I’m always searching for hair ties in my purse. It’s always good to have extra hair ties available and I love that you can actually have these handy (harhar), just in case.

The ChronicAlly Box has been a total ally. It’s added extra oomph to my self-love routine! I’m overjoyed.

You deserve one too! Order yourself a Health and Beauty treat right here.

I know that so many of you will adore it too, and that you totally deserve a treat. So send yourself some love with this awesome subscription box, get your hands on amazing health and beautify products and see what ChronicAlly has in store for us next!

Which product would you most like to try? Did you get yourself a ChronicAlly box? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Health and love,


Thought of the day: It’s imperative that I take the time to treat myself. Self-care is health-care.

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