5 Natural Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Skin

5 Natural Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Skin

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As health-esteemies I know many of us are focused on feeding our bodies with love. One peek at my insta and recipes here on the blog make it clear that I’m pretty dedicated to feeding my body with absolute kindness. It’s part of how I ensure that I’m able to thrive with Graves Disease… but how much focus do we place on what we put ON our bodies? Looking for some Natural Beauty Tips to health up your skin care routine? I’ve got you covered gorgeous!

5 Natural Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Skin - Why healthy skin care matters and what to look out for so that you can create healthy beauty self care routine <3

I don’t know about you, but the idea that I should be considerate of all of the bath and beauty products I use on a daily basis didn’t hit me early on in my health-esteem journey. Until I found out that, on average, women use approximately 12 products per day, containing around 168 unique ingredients, some of which might not be the best options for your health.

In fact, 1 out of every 24 women are exposed to ingredients that are known to be potential reproductive and developmental toxins… through our personal care products. Kind of takes the care out of personal care, eh? And I’m sorry to the guys, but you aren’t out of the hot seat either. Men use around 6 products per day, averaging at around 85 unique ingredients, many of which aren’t looking out for you either. Find out more at EWG.

When I discovered that my personal care products (of which I had many) might be messing with my reproductive system and contained potentially endocrine disruptors like Phthalates (linked to reduced sperm count, hormonal changes and thyroid irregularities, among other things) I was disgusted. I purged my personal care horde and started anew, on a mission to find the most natural beauty options possible.

Here are 5 Natural Beauty Tips for happy, healthy skin

  1. Remember that less is more

    Fewer ingredients and less products make for happier skin. While the giant world of personal care and clever marketing may have you convinced that you need 12 products for gorgeous skin, you absolutely don’t. Less is absolutely more. My skin is so much happier now that I keep it simple.

  2. Crowd Out the Bad

    While it may not be practical to do a giant personal care product purge like I did, you can start slow. Replace products one or two at a time. Choose things that you are running low on and find a better alternative. Sooner or later you’ll be stocked with healthy products you’re happy to put on your skin.

  3. Do Your Research

    Thank the gods for Google – there are tons of Natural Beauty blogs that can help to direct you towards a healthier skin care routine. The Skin Deep database is a great tool that allows you to look up products and even ingredients you want to know more about.

    It’s also important to look into the companies you plan to support. How are their ingredients sourced? If animal welfare is important to you (and I imagine it is), you can easily find brands that are cruelty-free. When using ingredients like shea butter and cacao, we should make certain that the farmers are receiving fair wages for their work. Look for companies that ensure direct or fair trade methods are used.

    This may seem like a lot to consider, but ethically minded wellness companies are excited to share their methods. You can also take a peak at databases like Leaping Bunny, which will help you find cruelty-free personal care products.

    You vote with your wallet, so make your vote count and support health minded companies that create products you’re proud to buy.

  4. Feed Your Skin from the Inside Out

    Healthy skin is about more than your moisturizing routine. What you eat and drink play a huge role in skin health. Hydrate with water for the most part, adding homemade smoothies and fresh green juices to the mix. Limit and/or avoid junky, processed foods and move towards a diet overflowing with health supporting veggies. Say yes to healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil and omega 3 filled fish oils, chia sheeds and hemp hearts.

    Regardless of your diet choice (whether you’re an omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, etc.), we all need to make sure that we’re feeding our bodies tons of health supporting plants on a daily basis.

  5. Get Your Beauty Sleep

    Those 7 to 8 hours of sleep are important for more than just your mental health! Your skin makes collagen while you’re snoring – and missing out on that can mean more wrinkles and dryer skin. Looking for that glowing complexion? Blood flow to your gorgeous skin is increased during sleep, which helps to create that healthy glow. And we all know about the puffy eyes that sleep deprivation so kindly grants us. So catch those zzz’s and let your body do the work it needs to keep your skin (and the rest of your body) happy and healthy.

Need Help Getting Started?

Now that we’re working towards revamping our personal care routine and filling our cabinets with more natural beauty products, where do we even start?

I am in love with Beauty Barlour! They’re a Canadian skin care company that uses nutrient rich ingredients, including doTERRA food grade essential oils. Their eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free approach is admirable. Not to mention, they personally traveled to Ghana, West Africa, to become better acquainted with their main ingredients, the shea nut and cocoa pod. Their trip inspired them to develop a “no middle man” philosophy. They source their main ingredients directly from the hard working farmers.

With 5 amazing flavours, a reusable, gorgeous, violet glass packaging, you can’t go wrong with these amazing Natural Beauty Skin Care products. They’ve checked every requirement on my list.

I use this Body Mousse to moisturize after a bath or shower and as a night cream. My favourite part? The unique texture feels AMAZING and a small dab goes an incredibly long way.

Super bonus? You can save 15% off of your purchases with the PROMO CODE HEALTHESTEEM15

Natural Beauty Tips - Save 15% On Beauty Barloour Body Mousse

Your turn! How do you keep your skin healthy and happy? Any Natural Beauty Tips you’d like to share? Have you tried Beauty Barlour Body Mousse? Which flavour is your fave? Let me know this and all of your lovely thoughts in the comments below.

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Thought of the day: My body deserves to be treated with kindness. 


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