Your Monday Inspiration Board

Your Inspiration Board for the week! Taste, Touch, Listen, See and Feel Inspired with quotes, recipes, videos and more.

Hello Lovelies:

Happy Monday! Here’s an inspiration board to help you feel inspired as you make your way through the week. Please all of your senses; there’s a treat for each one. Without further ado:

Your Monday Inspiration Board


 Monday Inspiration Board - Do More of What makes you Happy

Monday Inspiration Board - Be Someone's Sunshine

Monday Inspiration Board - Beautiful things have dents and scratches


Monday Inspiration Board - Spa Dreams Diffuser Blend doTERRA


Overnight Blueberry Chia Pudding Parfaits

Find the recipe here

Monday Inspiration Board - Quick Easy Healthy Breakfast Chia Pudding


Beauty Barlour Face and Lip Sugar Scrub

Simply combine equal parts Beauty Barlour body mousse and organic, fair trade cane sugar (I prefer about a teaspoon of each. Save any leftovers in a sealed container). Gently scrub your face and lips.

You can save 15% on any Beauty Barlour products with the promo code HEALTHESTEEM15. Check them our here.


What would you add to our inspiration board? Let me know in the comments.

Health and love friends,


Thought of the day: I will seek out the things that bring me inspiration and joy. 


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