Essential Oil Uses for Emotional Balance

doTERRA Essential Oils Uses for Emotional Balance

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I have a treat for you! Today I’m calling on my favourite Essential Oils Educator, fellow Graves Warrior, and Health-Esteem sister Misty Totzke to share her experiences and wisdom regarding essential oil uses for emotional balance. Negative emotions can be good for you (learn more here) and it is incredibly important that we sit with our emotions, listen to what they are telling us and move forward… but while heavy emotional states are great learning opportunities, we cannot live there. And essential oils are one tool that we can tap into when we’re ready to move forward.

Without further ado, I’ll let lovely Misty take the wheel and share her goodness! Let’s learn all about essential oil uses and how they can help with our emotional balance. Thanks Misty!

doTERRA Essential Oils Uses for Emotional Balance

This September I took my annual jaunt to Salt Lake City, Utah for doTERRA’s annual convention –it was completely different than past years and some big names in the medical world, like Johns Hopkins, were there presenting research they had done exclusively on doTERRA’s essential oils (how freaking cool is that?!) We had the opportunity to hear about the applications of essential oils in medical settings. We also learned a ton about what happens with our emotions and how they are quite literally an underlying contributor to health issues that can manifest immediately or days, weeks, months… even years later.

Essential Oils Uses for Emotional Balance

What’s the deal with Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils?

Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils – oils that have been tested multiple times by third parties, who’ve made certain that the chemical constituents are present at the appropriate levels in order to give therapeutic benefit, and that were grown in their indigenous environment worldwide – can affect the body in profound ways.

For example, citrus essential oils (like wild orange or lemon) have a chemical compound called monoterpenes. This which makes pure, therapeutic grade citrus oils naturally uplifting. Mint essential oils (like peppermint) have ketones, which make them naturally invigorating. Trees, grasses and herbs (like basil, cedarwood and douglas fir) have sesquiterpines, ethers and oxides which make them naturally soothing.

When you look at common emotions that tend to rear their ugly heads most often – fear, stress, anxiety, hopelessness, etc. – we can turn right to nature to have a positive effect on our emotions, helping us rise up out of the funk we’re in, shift our perspective on the situation and begin looking for solutions.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘how you feel emotionally becomes how you feel physically’?

Think back to the last time you felt stress or anxiety. Was it pretty hard to see the butterflies and flowers blooming around you? Was it hard to feel gratitude and love? When we’re feeling a negative emotion, it’s like our whole being slides down the energetic scale. Instead of feeling uplifted, we feel discouraged. Instead of joyful, we feel hopeless. What we don’t realize is that our physical body is taking a huge hit along with our emotions.

Maybe, just maybe, a lot of what we’re feeling physically has deep emotional roots; instead of solely focusing on how we’re feeling physically, sometimes we need to go deeper and address the emotions that are at the root of the problem.

What if you had a tool that could help? Something that would allow you to pick the emotion you’re feeling, or the emotion you want to feel less off, and which oils you could use to help balance your emotions and brighten your mood?

emotional-aromatherapy Essential Oils Uses for Emotional Balance

doTERRA has this really incredible emotional aromatherapy kit that does just that! It helps any essential oil novice take control of their emotions along with fantastic reference resources, including You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, Buried Emotions Never Die by Karol Truman and The Emotions and Essential Oils from Enlighten Alternative Healing reference guide. It helps us make the connection between our emotions, our physical symptoms and how we can use essential oils to work through them.

Let’s take a look at how Essential Oils and Emotional Balance works:

Step 1 – What best describes how you feel? What do you want to feel less of?

Step 2 – Pick a blend! Match the emotion to the corresponding blend(s) (see the wheel above). Decide what feels and smells like the best fit. You can absolutely choose more than one! One of the things I love so much about this wheel is that not only does it tell you what blend to use, but it also gives you the oil category you can choose other oils from.

For example, if you need to feel less gloomy, you can pick out gloomy on the wheel and see that you can either use the Motivate Encouraging Blend or the Cheer Uplifting Blend, but you can also use any citrus oil (lemon, grapefruit, lime, etc.)

Step 3 – Choose the application method best suited for the area of the body you’re targeting. You have some options here:

  1. Put the oil you choose into an essential oil diffuser.
  2. Apply 1 or 2 drops in your palms, rub your hands together, cup in front of your nose and inhale deeply (just don’t touch your eyes).
  3. Dilute the essential oil with fractionated coconut oil and apply topically to reflex points such as the back of the beck, wrists or over the heart.

Essential Oils Uses for Emotional Balance


Here are a couple of my personal go-tos:

  • Instead of perfume, I’ll usually dab a drop of the Motivate Encouraging blend to my wrists, behind my ears and over my heart. I LOVE the way it smells and how it naturally helps me to clear my mind and focus.
  • My new favorite diffuser blend for getting out of a case of the “blah’s” is basil and lemon. I did this for the first time while writing this for you and I’m in LOVE. Use 3 drops of Lemon and 2 drops of Basil, and it smells divine.
  • I love putting a few drops of Peace Reassuring Blend in my diffuser. Letting it diffuse overnight is great for a more restful sleep.
  • When I’m feeling a little sleepy and need a help getting with the program, I’ll put a drop of peppermint in my hands, rub them together and inhale. I’ll rub the excess on the back of my neck and on my chest! If I’m in need something uplifting, I’ll add a drop or two of Wild Orange with the peppermint.

These are just a few of the MANY ways you can use essential oils to help your emotional wealth; there are so many combinations available for you. View essential oils as an exciting adventure. Pick a place to start, be open to experimenting and discover what will work best for you. It might be completely different than what works for someone else.

I’m available to anyone, anywhere, for personal consults.

We can address emotional and/or physical goals, essential oil uses, supplements and/or products to reinvent your routines. Come visit me at and follow me on social media for more info, tips and tricks!

Sending out love and gratitude for you, to you!


Misty is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Essential Oils Educator, humanitarian entrepreneur and lover of all things adventurous. Her purpose and passion is to help people become happier and healthier than they were the day before. You can join her and learn more about how essential oils can change your life at

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