Why You Need to Start Dry Brushing (And How To Do It)

Why You Need to Start Dry Brushing - A wonderful daily act of self care that supports your skin health and lymphatic system

Hiya Lovelies:

Your skin does so much for you, so why not love it back with a little dry brushing? This relaxing act of self-love is one of my favourite ways to care for my skin. Want healthy, soft, glowing skin? Then dry brush away!

Why You Need to Start Dry Brushing - A wonderful daily act of self care that supports your skin health and lymphatic system

Why should we do our best to care for our skin?

Every warrior needs their sword and shield, and you, gorgeous, are no different. Your skin is your protector, shielding your body from harm and playing an important role in your innate immune system. Our largest organ, your skin contains approximately 11 miles of blood vessels and countless nerve endings. This organ is often in a state of regeneration; you’re shedding 50 000 skin cells per minute right now, amounting to about 1.6 pounds per year! Gross? Maybe… but also pretty freaking cool!

How can dry body brushing help?

Physically, dry brushing is the ultimate way to exfoliate; your dry brush will loosens up all of those dead skin cells, leaving you feeling lovely and soft. Honestly, it’s indescribable, but it feels AMAZING!  It’s a gentle way to help stimulate the circulatory system and move some lymph. Think of it as a pleasant at home massage. But this baby goes further than that! Dry brushing is the ultimate opportunity to silence your inner mean girl and work on self-love.

How often do you hang out in your birthday suit? How often to you pay attention to your gorgeous body as a whole? Or even focus on key areas with kindness, not insults?

In order to make the most of dry brushing (and spoil all of your skin) you gotta get naked. The act of dry brushing really forces you to get in touch with your body and focus on areas we often hate on, like our thighs, butts and stomachs. It’s the perfect opportunity to pay attention to those areas.

Try and say positive affirmations while you dry brush areas you normally hate on. These are some of my favourites: “I am beautiful”, “I love and honour my body”, “I’m grateful for these gorgeous thighs that grant me the strength to move”, “I accept myself as I am”. It may be strange at first, but after a while it will help to change your perceptions about yourself and your relationship with your amazing, life giving body.

How do you dry brush?

Why You Need to Start Dry Brushing - A wonderful daily act of self care that supports your skin health and lymphatic system

Get your hands on a dry body brush at almost any health food store. I personally prefer one with a long handle and removable brush, for areas you want to get up close and personal with, like this one.

If you research around you’ll find a ton of dry brushing rules: Start at your feet, brush in gentle, circular motions and move up towards the heart. My personal opinion – you do you hun! If back and forth motions feel good then follow that instinct! Mix it up, whatever you like. You know your body best. Just make sure to keep it gentle; your skin is sensitive and pressing hard could irritate it. It’s best to avoid your face and other bits and pieces, if you catch my meaning, as they can be extra sensitive. I personally prefer to do this in the evening before my bath (yes, I’m an evening bather – breaking the mould!)

Have you tried dry brushing before? Do you plan to start now? Let me know your thoughts in the comments lovelies.

Health and love and happy skin,


Thought of the day: My body is beautiful and worthy of love.

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