The Absolute Best Cellulite Treatment

The Absolute Best Cellulite Treatment – Acceptance | Why you need to treat your cellulite with self love and accept it as part of the beautiful being you are. Let’s talk the science of cellulite, why there is no real cure and why it really shouldn’t matter. Click through for the post

Hello Lovelies:

I have cellulite! And if you’re a lady chances are you do too. And chances are also high that you aren’t a big fan of it. I mean, how could we possibly feel good about something when there’s an entire market of products and magazines telling us it’s awful and we need to get rid of it? Am I right?!

But I’ve got some news for you – our cellulite is here to stay. And the best “cellulite treatment” option there is is learning to love and accept it. Sounds kind of bonkers right? But there’s a really big reason why… It turns out that everything we’ve been told about cellulite is wrong and re-thinking how we look at is truly a game changer.

Not feeling so sure about accepting cellulite just yet? Don’t you worry! Let’s talk about what cellulite really is and why learning to love it is the greatest thing you can do for yourself…

 The Absolute Best Cellulite Treatment – Acceptance | Why you need to treat your cellulite with self love and accept it as part of the beautiful being you are. Let’s talk the science of cellulite, why there is no real cure and why it really shouldn’t matter. Click through for the post

It’s More Common Than You Probably Think

90% of women have cellulite! That’s right – If you have it you aren’t some strangely defective butterfly with a problem. You’re a normal person with a fairly common trait. It’s so common in fact that some dermatologists consider it a secondary female sex trait (source).

Fat Isn’t Actually The Problem

Women of all shapes and sizes have it. Curvy, slim, short, tall, muscular… cellulite doesn’t discriminate. And that’s because fat isn’t the only factor to consider.

It’s all about the connective tissue baby! We’ve got a bit of a different set up than our male counterparts and that makes us way more prone to developing cellulite.

How is our connective tissue different?

If you were able to magically take a peak into the amazing layers of your beautiful skin you’d see something pretty awesome. First we’ve got the epidermis, that wonderful outer layer you’re used to marveling at. Then we have the dermis, pulling in second to help shield your precious insides. And after that we have some wonderful little fat cells hanging out between layers of connective tissue.

Connective tissue is kind of a big deal. It’s there to connect our skin to our muscles. And us ladies have a unique set up. Our connective tissue sets itself up in parallel layers. Think of it as your body’s white picket fence. This makes it easier for fat cells to push through the tissue slightly, pressing into the skin and creating a dimpled effect. Men’s connective tissue is more of a basket weave, which helps to prevent cellulite from appearing (source 1, source 2).

Hormones Also Have A Say

Surprise, surprise, hormones play a role in whether or not we get little dimples on the surface of our skin too. After puberty estrogen influences our bodies to start storing more fat. Just in case we decide to start making babies any time soon. Hello breasts, larger hips, bigger booties and, potentially, cellulite!

Not only do we have a different connective tissue set up, but our hormones and biology lead us to storing 6 to 11% more fat than men. And that means we have more cells that might peak through our internal white picket fence, no matter what gorgeous shape or size we are (source).

The Absolute Best Cellulite Treatment – Acceptance | Why you need to treat your cellulite with self love and accept it as part of the beautiful being you are. Let’s talk the science of cellulite, why there is no real cure and why it really shouldn’t matter. Click through for the post

You Can’t Cure Cellulite

There are a ton of products, procedures and workouts that boast that they have the answer. In fact, American women spent $47 million on cellulite reduction products in 2008 alone. That’s one mountain of cold hard cash! And they typically only saw a temporary 25% to 50% improvement (source).

Weight loss isn’t always the answer either. While it may reduce the appearance of cellulite for some women, it might make no difference at all or increase visibility for others.

Why can’t we completely fix it? 

As you now know, it isn’t just about fat. We’ve got connective tissue and estrogen to consider. And there’s also fat distribution and skin thickness or thinness all lending a hand. Which isn’t something we can control. That’s all in our genes darling. Part of our uniquely wonderful blueprints.

Short of magically changing our connective tissue, there really isn’t any way we can permanently delete cellulite from our lives.

So What IS The Best Cellulite Treatment Option

Self love baby! While exercise, coffee body scrub, massage, dry body brushing and certain self care products may help to reduce the appearance of cellulite to some degree, chances are if you have it it’s here to stay. So, working on loving and accepting your gorgeous self, as you are, is the most wonderful way to overcome the insecurity and discomfort that often comes along with cellulite. And besides, dimples are adorable! Even if they’re on your booty. <3

If working on self acceptance, especially accepting parts of yourself you aren’t particularly fond of, sounds daunting I have an entire post on it for you right here. But when it comes to accepting cellulite there are a few extra things that can help:

Empower yourself by acknowledging the fact that cellulite is common, normal and scientifically unbeatable.

Work on reeling in your inner mean girl. It takes time and effort, but the way we talk to ourselves (both internally and out loud) has a huge affect on how we feel. If you’re constantly putting yourself down you’re going to feel down. Acknowledge negative self talk as it comes without judgment or anger and respond with kindness. 

And hey, even when that inner mean girl isn’t rearing her ugly head, speak kindly to yourself. You know how compliments and kind words make you feel awesome? Well, it’s extra awesome when they’re coming from inside.

You are beautifully imperfect. We all are. How the back of your thighs look shouldn’t matter.

Now it’s your turn – do you have cellulite? Have you had difficulty accepting it? What advice would you give someone who wants to work on accepting cellulite as part of their beautiful selves? 

Health and love,


Thought of the day: My body is beautiful and worthy of love and adoration.

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  1. Love this. I have celulite. Im the smallest ive been in my life but i still have it. I’ll be honest, it doesnt generally bother me. I have it worse in the leg I had knee surgery on so I guess it’s like a battle scar. Thank you for sharing this- definitely the right direction in accepting our bodies the way they are!

    1. I’m so glad you’re on the acceptance train too Jamie! And I like the idea of thinking of them as battle scars. That makes it even more fun. 🙂 We are all worthy of self love and acceptance!

  2. I love how you wrote this inspirational piece, backed by stats/facts. Unfortunately i am afraid that with new expressions such as “instagram worthy”, and the popularity of the Kim K., the younger generations would be seeking “physical perfection” more than ever 🙁

    1. I definitely agree Sylvia. It’s truly unfortunately that when untouched photos of people like Kim come out showing that they too have cellulite they’re also shammed. It’s lose, lose, lose… But I have seen some companies forgo Photoshop and show cellulite, scars, rolls too… like the Dove Real Beauty Campaign or the Aerie Real Campaign, which created a 20% growth for the company, and they are aimed at a younger audience. So that shows a ton of hope.

      It’s definitely not perfect, but I think there is some good out there too when it comes to encouraging and promoting positive body images. I’m hopeful that we’ll see more companies shift in a similar direction. And I think that we all have the power to be a positive light as well. <3

    1. That’s great that you don’t let it bother you Jessica. You are definitely not alone. I have it and 90% of adult women have it as well. And we are all rocking our gorgeous dimples ;).

    1. I love that you’re a weightlifter! That’s amazing and takes a lot of time, dedication and effort to keep up. You rock!
      I’m sorry there’s an aspect of your gorgeous self that you’re having a hard time accepting. It may take some time, but I’m sure that you’ll develop some mad self love for that part of you someday ♡. It doesn’t take away from your goodness at all! Sending you love and wishing you well!

  3. You are all beautiful, embrace every part of yourself 💕💕💕💕 for we are blessed to have legs to have cellulite.. some people don’t even have the chance.

    1. What a beautiful sentiment Ash! And such an important thing to keep in mind. There are so many things we should realize we are incredibly blessed to have and experience. When you reframe your thoughts everything truly changes. Thank you so much for sharing 💖

    1. Exactly! We shouldn’t be our own bullies! And those “imperfections” don’t take away from how beautiful and wonderful we are ♡. Totally agree 😘💖. Hope today is wonderful Cameron!

  4. This is so great! I’ve had cellulite pretty much my whole teen/adult life even in high school when I weighed my lowest I still had it! I just started to accept it this summer! But it doesn’t matter how much you weigh you can have it even athletes do!

    1. Heck yea McKenna! It’s totally normal. And never worth any stress. I’m so happy you’ve found your way towards acceptance. It’s hard and it takes time but it’s so worth it 😊💖

  5. Love my cellulite!! My body does amazing things, cellulite and all. It’s grown 4 full babies, it’s ran a few marathons, it’s climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, it’s danced and chased kids. Cellulite and all. I also believe that the way to get a “bikini body” is to put on a bikini 😁🙌🏼💪🏼❤️

    1. Holla! I totally agree with you. Every body is a bikini body if you want it to be ^^. And damn your beautiful body has done some incredible things. It’s amazing and awe inspiring what they allow us to do. 💖 Thank you for sharing all that goodness gorgeous 😊

  6. I love this post!! I’ve got random cellulite on the backs of my legs – and it’s always been there. I stopped caring years ago after I realized it was there. It’s not worth trying to “change”. I’m healthy and happy so what else do I need??

    1. I love it! You’re so right Kelly. If we are healthy and happy we’re winning 🤘. I’m so glad you’re so full of self love and inspiration 💖. Thank you for sharing! I hope today is wonderful ^^

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