Easy Homemade Furniture Polish

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Hello Lovelies:

When I was little, one of my favourite chores was polishing the furniture. Put in a little elbow grease and all of the tables and shelves looked fabulous! Plus, the smell of lemons was to die for. These days I still enjoy making my bookshelves shine (my books are kind of my most prized possessions). But I prefer to avoid the conventional stuff and opt for a homemade furniture polish.

Why would I make my own? For one, it’s super easy and works wonders! But I’m also concerned about my husbands asthma and my skin. That lemon smell I liked so much happens to be artificial… and fragrances do not blend well with asthma (and really aren’t good for any of us – I’m a fan of knowing what I’m inhaling). My skin has no issue telling me what it likes and dislikes either, and certain cleaners leave me with an icky rash, polish included. So I like to keep it healthy and simple! Which is why I love making this 3 ingredient homemade furniture polish. And now you can too!

Easy Homemade Furniture Polish Pinterest mshealthesteem.com

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